Adapt Mesh size when used for Mesh collider

Hey guys,

Any idea on how I can fix this situation? I can’t adjust or scale the mesh collider once I’ve set the reference. Any idea on how I can match the mesh collider with the size of the model mesh?

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Same problem and waiting for Cocos Team to have a guide (or fix)
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Maybe you need to add the meshcollider to the mesh node


Ah, that did the trick!

Instead of adding the collider to the parent model of (several) mesh node(s), add the collider directly into the node that uses SkinnedMeshRenderer, then drag the same mesh into the MeshCollider.

Thanks so much!

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@daisyH I wonder if we can make the meshCollider animate (stretch) during the character animation?

Thanks, guys! I had even forgotten about this situation here :sweat_smile:

stretch?Does it refer to morph animation?

I meant, could the mesh of meshCollider be animated while my character’s playing certain poses like walk or run?
I want my character to punch another, and the force is applied while the meshCollider’s arm(fist) part “animates”

The animation and mesh collider do not affect each other.

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