Actual Apple devices?

Actual Apple devices?
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How can I know the actual versions of the iOS and the list of actual Apple devices?

Google has these handy dashboards. I think that there is something similar to Apple’s.





Let us get back on topic, please.

@Priority10 you asked this topic, are you getting what you need?


Morning, guys!

@gejza @slackmoehrle @crittergorge
So, there is no official alternative, but you gave me enough other sources. Thank you very very much!

No, you’re wrong. Priority10 just wants to change the Multi-resolution code in the C++ default template.
But before I will send the code to the review and create a pull request, I want to be sure that this is the best option, so I need statistics about Apple devices too.

Now I need a little time to carefully review the data.


Actually I really don’t like default multi-resolution support idea in cocos2d-x… just by code.
I prefer use SBX and it’s modified cocos2d-x with own reader.

In my AppDelegate there is only simple code just for loading res 2x and 4x:

And I easily can do this:

Everything is WYSIWYG. So I can add and test any resolution I want and it will be exactly the same on the device.

With options I need for any game:

And test on any scaleType:

Screen Shot 1

This idea actually comes from old well known CocosBuilder.

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