A Quiver of Crows - [Steam]

A Quiver of Crows - [Steam]
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Hi All!

After 2.5 years of hard work, our game is finally out!
Please check it out!



Congratulations on the release, it looks great! Nice twist on twinstick having it in a scrolling world :thumbsup:

Hopefully some of your desktop upgrades can be merged into the Cocos master branch…


Many congratulations to you on this achievement. I’ll buy your game and try it on my Steam Machine this weekend.

Please let us know if you want to merge your changes into Cocos2d-x and I can set you up with our engineering team to discuss via GitHub. We welcome pull requests!


Thanks @nivrig & @slackmoehrle!!!

As for merging the latest, I see that some of the changes have already been added to the latest cocos2d-x. As for the rest, I was told by a cocos2d-x dev that desktop features were not a high priority. Either way, all the changes are here.


Great job, thanks for the contribution.


Thank you @nite!


Congrats on the release @Shaedo! I remember you showing me this game a year ago at IndieCade. Well done!


I have a question about your cocos branch. I see you made a change to CCApplication-32.cpp. In the function Application::run() you added a “>=” on line 88:

if (nNow.QuadPart - nLast.QuadPart >= _animationInterval.QuadPart)

Pervious it was just an “=”. Why was this changed? It seems like a subtle change. Does it make the win32 loop more closely resemble the mac loop?


Woow! Great job guys. Gameplay video is so promising!
Hope you will get the ticket to Steam :slight_smile:


Thanks Rusty!
I remember chatting with you at IndieCade.

The change from > to >= was something I did during an optimization pass I was doing. I figured I was losing up to 1ms in cases the exact amount of time passed. So I changed it to >=. It probably is very minor, but I figured it might help on the video cards I was having performance issues with.


Thanks @faseral!


Just dropping the link to the Gamasutra article about this game http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/ChadAta/20160922/281854/Developing_a_2D_Game_for_Windows_Mac__Linux_with_Cocos2dx.php

Are there news on the mentioned issues:

  • Toggling fullscreen and resizing
  • Not supressing screen saver
  • Controller support on desktop

I’d be glad if someone has an update on those.


the first 2 are fixed

and for the controller support watch this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx0IUbxAQ34


Those are great news! Do you know if these changes are included in Cocos Creator? I couldn’t find information on which cocos2d-x version it depends.
The makers of the tutorial you linked said that cocos2d-x has joystick support in the comments?


I’m sorry i don’t know anything about creator


Do you know someone to ask, maybe link him to this conversation? It’s a bit hard finding such information :smile:


@zhangxm might know


I am not sure if they are included in Creator. @jare do you know it.


Not included in Creator…