A Cocos2d-x game is #1 on the App Store now!

Hello Everyone,

Just a bit of awesome news. A game written in Cocos2d-x is currently #1 on the U.S App Store!

Congrats @energyy


Ketchapp have a lot of DAU in their app network, so they can push any game into the top free.
That traffic is just crazy, even Apple’s Editor’s Choice banner will give you much more less…

~1.5M downloads in 3 days so far… interesting what is retention?

@anon98020523 where did you get the ~1.5M number from?

also congrats @energyy - that is truly awesome!

@anon98020523 You can do the same, so why are you so negative about them? If you can’t, it’s only your fault and not KetchApp’s or Apple’s.

I’m also happy for @energyy for that success and hope I will do it also in the future. :wink:

Thanks guys:) It is good example that cocos2d-x engine is powerfull enough to be competitive in top charts :slight_smile: and then only your implementation matters to make good apps.


@Codemattic There are a lot of factors and by analyzing them I can do estimates.

Do what?

What negative? I don’t understand your logic.
I am just stating the bare facts.

They firstly interested only in retention, thats why they pushed game to the top. I can estimate that it’s 40-50% on the second day, and if energy wants, he can confirm that, but I can fully understand if he doesn’t want to share any stats. Again, I’m just stating a fact, that they easily can do this for any game they want.

To achieve such downloads by manually buying traffic ang get that 500k downloads per day in the USA you would need to pay at least same $500k per day and this is the very minimum price for CPI…

Is this just a re-skinned version of Knife Dash?

I’d like to keep this topic neutral and about congratulating @energyy and asking @energyy technical questions, marketing questions, etc.


@energyy Congratulations!!

  1. Did you use shaders for any sprites in game? If so, where?
  2. Did you use Spine animations for circle break?

Humble Win for Cocos2d-x! Congrats @energyy


Hi, no shaders were used, yes circle break is spine animations :slight_smile:

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Too many ads in game :wink:



People say there are too many ads in the game.

It feels like the comments in the app store for every game are “too many ads.” Individual ad impressions basically generate next to nothing. If you like the game spend 99 cents or $1.99 or whatevs to buy it and support the developer. You have a device you had the money to spend hundreds on so if you like something you should tap the “no-ads” IAP. And if you don’t like it then who cares how many ads there are!

I feel that free-with-ads games (that are non pay-to-win) are really demos to see if you like it - and if you do you pay an IAP to make the pain of ads go away.

(don’t get me started on pay-to-win games tho :frowning: )

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The “thunk” and tiny screen-shake your knife makes when it embeds is insanely satisfying.

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I should add that, yes, sometimes devs show way too many ads on first load, so that you can’t even get a feel for the game without first sitting through ads, which is a bad tactic. But I didn’t feel that was the case with “Knife Hit”

The best solution for removing ads while playing: Go into flightmode. :grin:


the forums are where the real life-hacks are found. Flightmode… of course.