64 bit support?

64 bit support?
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Need to upgrade a project to 64-bit since both apple and android is moving in that direction and 32 bit will not be accepted for ios 11 and removed from app store next year. I have the android project upp and running on 2.26 but how do I change/add 64-bit support? Is the android sdk and ndk involved as well? Running on sdk 17? now and ndk 9. That was the only combination I’ve got to compile so far.

What about ios, how do x-code use cocos 2d, I only opened the project and compiled, no information about what version of cocos is used. Current android version is using 2.04 so I guess its something similar that was available at that time (4 years ago)


I also facing the same issue. We have limited resource and we need to plan for further action whether current cocos2dx 2.26 can support android 64bit. Please advice. Thanks.