#438 #420


Don’t know how to use the Git properly, but the bugs for #438 & #420 are fixed in my fork version.

#438 : Not being familiar with the core engine architecture, but the problem is the selector’s function name “update” cannot be used in device. I temporary fixed it by adding another function name “update2” called by the selector and it worked.

CCMotionStreak.cpp line 53

   this->schedule(schedule_selector(CCMotionStreak::update2), 0);

   return true;


CCSprite.cpp line 119

CCSprite* CCSprite::spriteWithFile(const char *pszFileName)
   CCSprite *pobSprite = new CCSprite();
   if (pobSprite->initWithFile(pszFileName))
      return pobSprite;
   return NULL;

Hope that helps


Thanks again. I found that you’re good at resolve odd bugs :slight_smile:

haha, that is probably the only thing I am good at :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Leo
Thank a lot for the game sample.
Just a note that HelloWorld::update also screws things up in the exact same way- and also an empty line in the middle of a statement at the beginning of that method caused a problem. After that it worked just fine on ios. Thanks again! I’ll try win32 next! :slight_smile:

… ah no - forget about the empty line causing a problem - just my inagination.