3D Rolling Game

3D Rolling Game


this simple game made by cocos2d-x, Enable anti-aliasing (AA) and small file size, smooth more than Unity


Congrats on the release! Can you give us more technical details? Is it a real 3D game? What tools did you use?


thanks @slackmoehrle , I use only blender


so what did you do for this?
I liked your game.


Edit rootViewController.mm
CCEAGLView *eaglView = [CCEAGLView viewWithFrame: [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds
pixelFormat: (__bridge NSString *)cocos2d::GLViewImpl::_pixelFormat
depthFormat: cocos2d::GLViewImpl::_depthFormat
preserveBackbuffer: NO
sharegroup: nil
multiSampling: YES
numberOfSamples: 4 ];

DrawNode - each "drawDot" increases GL verts amount

Thanks for the reply.
and What did you do for android?


Congratulations… It looks awesome.


Looks great, if you can add a blob shadow(fake shadow) it will look even better.