32 bit apps on new Mac OS Catalina

32 bit apps on new Mac OS Catalina

a bit more of general question, but it’s related to tools like Cocos Studio, but not only that. Is there any workaround to run 32bit apps on the new Mac OS Catalina?

For now I just don’t update, but I’d have to do it in the future. That’s because Apple won’t support older systems for Xcode forever, it’s just a matter of time. I’d like to switch to Creator, but it’s a big task and I also use tons of tools, which runs perfectly fine, but are 32bit only.

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You could run a windows virtual machine. Not ideal but would work.

Forgot to mention I don’t want any virtual machines. Transferring files back and forth would be awful.

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Not really. Just use “shared folders” and it’s just another folder between host and guest.

Catalina doesn’t support 32 bit apps. It’s going to be a hard work around if one is ever found. Maybe ask on hackintosh groups. Although I imagine this hack would be so popular a simple google search would yield.

No, because the 32-bit libraries are missing.

I’ve heard that you might be able to use a Mac virtual machine, though I don’t know the details.

I made a small research and I think it’s a dead end. It’s just no-update or virtual machine.

Forget the software, Catalina blocks old hardware drivers and many devices (like hubs or docking stations) may not work!

Could the cocos team build a 64 bit cococ studio, I think there are a lot of old project need to maintenance on macOS 10.15 Catalina. Just build out a 64 bit version ,no need to improve or fix any bugs.


I’ve already asked that many times. Unfortunately they won’t do it.

For me, I don’t play upgrading to Catalina for now. I have too many other tools, which are 32bit. But for sure one day I’d be forced to do it (xcode will require newer OS in the future for sure).

I apologize, no, we will not be doing this.

Why such a hard stance on not recompiling 64-bit Cocos Studio? You guys leave us all in limbo with UI for C++ projects! What would it take to convince you we really need it for our C++ projects? How many more questions like this will change your mind?

I’ve been trying to use the suggested Using Cocos Creator With C++ and Lua Projects for the past 3 months to replace dependence on Cocos Studio - it just doesn’t work! Not only doesn’t it work for using Cocos Creator for UI in C++ projects, it requires the ancient Cocos Creator 1.9.3 for it to do anything at all! The nodes it generates are not quite the same as those that Cocos Studio was creating (i.e. Labels in place of ui::Text, no ui::ImageView, only Sprite etc.) and require constant patching of the reader to make the behavior somehow closer to what Cocos Studio was doing. Every day I spend ridiculous amount of time to workaround missing basic things like stopping opacity propagation to child nodes, non-supported ui widgets etc. etc. etc. the list goes on - don’t even try going down this rabbit hole if you are considering this as a viable approach to UI in C++ projects!

Why mislead your own users you have UI support for C++ projects, while you actually don’t and don’t plan on doing anything about it. Just write in your docs explicitly that C++ UI is an unsupported scenario to save so many developers so much valuable time.

Or, just as a suggestion that people keep bagging you for: please simply recompile Cocos Studio in 64-bit mode - you don’t have to fix anything, just give us a working binary since you refuse to open source it, that’s all we are really asking for!

@ricardo, @zhangxm, @slackmoehrle ?

Thank you!

P.S. Just to tap onto your worries: Cocos Studio at this point is not a competitor to Cocos Creator - they are completely different and orthogonal products. You won’t be cannibalizing your Cocos Creator audience by supporting (scratch that - recompiling) Cocos Studio because these are simply 2 non-overlapping audiences. Instead, by refusing to rebuild Cocos Studio for 64-bit Mac you are alienating your C++ users who simply prefer C++ to Java Script in writing their games.

Thank you for the feedback. @solodon