2D scene editor, whats your pick?

2D scene editor, whats your pick?

Hey all
I’ve been working on a game lately but got into some issues with my pipeline.
Basically, I’m using Flash CS4 as my scene editor. I’m creating the assets (photoshop mostly) and dragging them to Flash. Once I have a library of assets I’m designing my screens: putting assets on screen and moving things around if needed. I ran into some issues when I’ve created assets in Flash but couldn’t export them properly.
I know about cocos creator but since I’m using cocos2dx+VS I don’t think it’s the right tool for me.

Was wondering what kind of scene editor do you guys use?
Apart from that cheers to my first topic :clinking_glasses::blush:

There is no normal editor for windows. But for macOS, ideal system for development, there are cool editor with C++ support. You can find it on the forum, SBX.

I don’t have mac :pensive:
Did anyone had the chance to use Cocos Creator just for it’s scene editor functionality?

hi mate

i tested cocos creator with cocos2d-x plugin , it does work but there are some not supported stuff and widgets , at least you can make your scene in cocos creator and export it for c++ use.

Thanks @michio
I guess that’s the best solution I’ve got for now.

I wonder how other cocos2d-x users design their scenes or what tools do they use to create a mockup for it, I guess that’s a different topic. :wink:

I am just design in PSD and export and do everything by code. that way I have control over everything.

It may take more time but in the long run it is a better approch. you just need to figure out a system.

@Nuno147 I did think of that, the thing is PS CS3 (which I use) doesn’t show coordinates for items in layers (or at least I don’t know how to show it). With Flash CS4 it does show items coordinate and even if these do not match cocos2d-x coordinates system I use an excel sheet that converts them for me.
I got into issues when trying to add text, I couldn’t copy-paste it from Flash to PS and when trying to create the text on PS it would come out too big or too small - requires a lot of work to match the font size.

This is also my setup: “graphic editor” + “C++ code”.
Overall this is the best for me…

Another choice: you can try the editor

For open-source game engine a closed source editor? Why?

Thanks all for the comments :slight_smile:

It’s not only a scene editor, not only for the open source engine. It’s also a common text & code editor. It’s also a Lua debugger(both cocos and unity are supported)