2D : Colliders are not moving with skeletal animation

Hello Team,

I have a dragbones animation playing and I have attached a fruit sprite with circle collider on top of character’s head. Now when I am playing idle animation, the sprite is moving but the circle collider is not moving with it. I think if I move node position manually, rigidbody should update itself to that position right?

I am using cocos creator 3.2. Thanks.

I can ask engineering to have a look.


It is a issue, the dragbone attached node can not emit an position change event, so the rigidbody can not be update. you need update rigidbody manual in current version.

export class NewComponent extends Component {
    // [1]
    // dummy = '';

    // [2]
    // @property
    // serializableDummy = 0;
    eb: RigidBody2D = null!;

    start() {
        PhysicsSystem2D.instance.enable = true;

        PhysicsSystem2D.instance.debugDrawFlags = EPhysics2DDrawFlags.Aabb |
            EPhysics2DDrawFlags.Pair |
            EPhysics2DDrawFlags.CenterOfMass |
            EPhysics2DDrawFlags.Joint |

    update (deltaTime: number) {
        // @ts-ignore

Thanks man! I will try it.

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