10 Common FAQs on Cocos Creator

If you are new to Cocos or Cocos Creator, it’s great to have you interested in our free, open-source software. Many might remember us for creating the popularized mobile game engine of the early Android and iOS era, Cocos2d-x.  But we are advancing our software and bringing it to the new generation of mobile games and other platforms with Cocos Creator.

We get a lot of questions from developers about the software, what it does, and why it’s so amazing. We thought we’d give you the ten most questions we get from those learning about Cocos Creator.

1. What is Cocos Creator?

Cocos Creator is a free open source cross-platform game development tool that is scripted, component-based and data-driven, with content creation as its core. With an easy-to-use content production workflow and a powerful developer tool suite, developers can easily create their own games with Cocos Creator's deep support for all major platforms, allowing games to be quickly published to Web, Mobile phones, and various mini-game platforms. On Web and mini-game platforms, a pure JavaScript engine runtime is provided for better performance and smaller package size. On other native mobile platforms, the underlying framework is implemented in C++ to provide higher runtime efficiency.

2. How is Cocos Creator different than your other engine, Cocos2d-x?

Cocos Creator and Cocos2d-x engines are both open-source (MIT) and fully customizable. But the differences start with the coding languages.

Cocos2d-x runs using C++, with forks for developers to use JavaScript or Lua as the scripting language, and comes without a game editor. Cocos Creator runs on both JavaScript and TypeScript (with some logic realized with C++) and comes with a free editor to help you build your game.

Cocos Creator was also built in 2016, while Cocos2d-x was built in 2010.

Cocos Creator is also the first game engine built by the company to be both 2D and 3D. Though many past games were built using our engine have used other methods to bring a 3D feel to the game, our company's first truly 3D experience in our ten-year history starts with Cocos Creator 3.0.

3. What platform can Cocos Creator develop for?

All publishable platforms are already listed in the "Publish Cross-Platform Games" section of our documentation page.

4. I‘ve never studied game development, how to use Cocos Creator?

Lucky for you, we have a YouTube video series to help you start your journey. If you need help with TypeScript, we also have an article to help you out!


5. Who is using Cocos Creator?

Many big and small companies and developers. This includes companies like Ubisoft, Gameloft, Square Enix, FunPlus, Tencent, and much more. Many small developers worldwide are using us, including companies and developers from South America, China, Europe, Vietnam, the USA, India, and more.

Here is one developer's experience using Cocos Creator for their games.

 6. What is the cost of using Cocos Creator?

Cocos Creator is free to use and has no royalty fees. That means all money you make with the game stays with you and the 3rd party tools you used to make the game. Many people ask how we can make money from being open-source. We have many ways, including VIP support and partnerships. So don’t worry about us, just make great games.

7. Are you moving away from 2D with the upcoming version?

A few developers are afraid our jump to 3D means we aren’t interested in 2D anymore. That’s very much not true. We are always making sure everyone can build the games they want in whatever way possible. We’ll be excited to share any new and powerful ways we improve 2D in future releases.

8. Where can I get help if I’m in trouble with Cocos Creator?

We have a few places to get you help. You can always come to our forums. Many developers are building games there looking for help, and our engine developers come to visit from time to time to give answers.

If you want to chat with other developers live, check out our Discord chat! We keep growing, and the questions keep coming. Lots of great developers there, from beginners to experts, are in the group.

Of course, if you would like to receive special consulting services from Cocos, you are also welcome to purchase our services (entrance in the upper right corner of the editor) and let our team of experts answer your questions., You can also contact our sales team member, Antonio, for how this works.

9. Do you have any social media accounts to follow what is going on with Cocos Creator?

We sure do! Choose your favorite and follow along!

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/cocos2dx

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cocos2dx

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/cocos-technologies

10. When is Cocos Creator 3.0 being released?

Next month! Get ready for some exciting new things in this release and with 3.1 and 3.2 coming later in the year!