1.7.2-1.8 VSCode some breakpoints not working

1.7.2-1.8 VSCode some breakpoints not working
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Hi, anybody else has issues with Breakpoints (not working) on 1.7.2-1.8?


I have one machine where breakpoints are not doing anything and another one where it’s complaining about CC_EDITOR not being defined.

Using VS Code Version 1.19.1 and CC 1.8.0.


Ok, so it seems that I have found some kind of solution (at least it works for me).

Before installing new Cocos Creator:

  1. in VSCode remove all breakpoints from the project
  2. Close VSCode
  3. Go to folder project, and remove the entire .vscode folder (yes, this also includes launch.json and tasks.json)
  4. Remove everything inside folders /node, /library. The new creator will rebuild it.

Install new creator:

  1. Copy new creator
  2. Open new creator
  3. Select initial Scene
  4. Install VSCode Workflow (all steps from top to bottom).
  5. add isbuildingtask=true if needed (only if you build from VSCode)

Execute once without breakpoints.

Now you should be able to use breakpoints anywhere in your project. This is what I had to do from 1.5.2 to 1.7.2 but it may not needed from now on. Maybe its just a thing when migrate from older version to anything beyond 1.6

Hope it works for you.


Interesting. I’ll check that out once I’m back at work tomorrow.



Let me know if it works.


It worked! Thanks for your help!


Good to know!!

@slackmoehrle it seems there is something wrong when upgrading projects to a new version that may impact the way we work with VSCode. Check the posts please. It took a few painful weeks to get a solution, and I believe this may impact other developers too. Can you please tell the team?


Sure thing.


I talked with the engineering team and it turns out we are no longer maintaining the compatibility with VS Code.

As VSCode is no longer supported. What editor do you use?

Very sad news. VSCode is one of the best editors and working with it is way better than just Chrome dev tools. This is one of the things that may change my mind working with Creator. You dont provide a good editor and now you dont support VSCode? Without any explanation? Im confused.


VSCode supported was maintained by an employee that no longer works for the company. This is an HR issue. I’ll talk more with the engineering team.


Thank you!