[WP8] No MP3? Large sprites?

[WP8] No MP3? Large sprites?
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Hey guys, I have been working with WP8 and now I am trying the Cocos2d-2.2v for WP8 and I am facing some problems.

First of all, MP3 audio files are not supported? I started to work in a player to solve this issue, but this should be one of the main features.

Second, our last game (Badaboom) have been developing into FullHD (1920x1080) and given the resolutions of nowadays devices we didn’t mind to keep it like that (with a possible resizing to 800x480 for low-end devices such as S2), but when I am trying to change scenes of even adding a lot of images into a scene the game crashes (in specific with a spine animation). Any hints about that?


ThrowIfFailed(ReadChunk(MAKEFOURCC('R', 'I', 'F', 'F'), chunkSize, chunkPos));
if (*reinterpret_cast(&dataPtr[chunkPos]) != MAKEFOURCC('W', 'A', 'V', 'E')) ThrowIfFailed(E_FAIL);

This code snap in MediaStreamer::Initialize can’t works well here also.
WP8 can’t support mp3 really? What can I do now?


We will investigate in the support of mp3.
In Bug #3783 [[http://cocos2d-x.org/issues/3783]].
Please note that Angle uses twice the memory for textures. This is part of its design. Given the limited memory on the Windows Phone, developers should not use extremely large textures.


Our current workaround is to create another resource path for WP only and have set both the textures low quality and the sound in WMA instead of mp3…


About the textures, do not know exactly why Angle is using the double, but even so the Windows Phone are not low-memory devices, most of then have 1GB Ram, it is limited by some other issue (IMO).



As we have just deployed the new renderer, which allows us to write direct-x renderer easily, so Cocos2d does not have to rely on the AngleProject


Maybe this page Play mp3 background music in game is useful.


Hi guys, xaudio2 cannot play mp3 audio in wp8, so we had to find other. What about the lamb to play mp3? Here is link: https://github.com/koowolf/lame_wp8, I tried, and can work at wp8, but it just support the function of playing now,to develop when we need other function. I need your option. Thanks.


Maybe it is a good idea, but as discussed with the guys from Cocos2d 3.0 it would be better to have a more powerful mp3 lib. Something that could aid us to do stereo sound, fade ins and fade outs. That would be the best…


i am developing an app it contains an 41Mb of resources in which 20mb is of just sound after converting into wav.
my app is still crashing

The thread 0x48 has exited with code 0 (0x0).
First-chance exception at 0x778B1247 in Test.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: _com_error at memory location 0x0120C130.

resolution i m using is 1280x720.

As i m playing each and every level memory is getting increase at 143mb its geting crashed

below stuff helps to track the memory while playing

long currentMemoryInBytes = Windows::Phone::System::Memory::MemoryManager::ProcessCommittedBytes;
if(currentMemoryInBytes > 90107904)