[WP8] Cocox2d-x + XAML. Is it possible?

[WP8] Cocox2d-x + XAML. Is it possible?
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sorry for asking this question again. I have seen it a couple of times on the forum but the question remains unanswered. It seems that nobody knows the answer (or nobody who knows is responding).

  1. Is a combination Cocos2d-x + XAML for Windows Phone possible at this moment?
  2. If not possible, are there any plans in supporting Cocos2d-x + XAML for Windows Phone in the near future?



I’m waiting for xaml support too.


me too


I am wondering the same thing. Can any one please answer this question. Most of the tutorials on the internet,like for ads etc., give details of how to make changes in the XAML to add the ad network and all.


There is hope :-).

I have been mailing with MS open tech and they told me that they are working on a solution. Their github branch is:


They are planning to release it in the following weeks.

s. I haven’t tested their branch yet.



Oh goodie :slight_smile: I hope soon is soon enough!