Would you like to see paid support?

Would you like to see paid support?


I mean on the “paid support” for fixing engine bugs.

@walzer stated these

If not remember wrong, i have read post that stated Cocos team have helping certain company on using Cocos2d engine to develop their game.


So The Bottom Line , what Chukong are planing for us ? can we get answer and not play guessing games before we decide using the engine ?


I think large companies using cocos2d-x might be willing to pay for support, as it wold be less expensive than paying their own staff to work around/investigate issues.
But indie developers less so.
As a hobbyist more than anything I can’t afford to pay for support.

One idea: Have cocos2d-x membership at levels.
Free for individual users but add an optional maid membership that gives priority support - still via the forums but staff prioritise responses to paid members - maybe via a separate forum.
So by paying an annual fee, I know my forum questions will be answered and not languish.

then have a ‘premium’ membership aimed at the pros who may want to provide their source for help - this cold be via private pages in the forum (or elsewhere)

Just a thought.

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I need to get support to convert my project to android. There are no thirdparty softwares. i just want to run it on android.

paid support anyone? :smile:


IF it is build using cocos2d-x it is quite easy :slight_smile:


yes… actually I’ve done around 15 android games with cocos2dx… but this one I’m have problems with.


What problems are you having?


Sorry i just realised i posted this in the wrong thread. I was able to solve the issue, one file wasn’t compiling properly and this wasn’t showing up in the logs and build was successful. I had to trace it back compiling each file separately.

The problem was at my end. Sorry for the wrong thread post again :frowning: