would cocos2d-x implement GCGestureRecognizer by using C++ ?

would cocos2d-x implement GCGestureRecognizer by using C++ ?
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cocos2d has a feature of GCGestureRecognizer and cocos2d-x doesn’t now.
It will be supported in the future ?

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Are you talking about UIGestureRecognizer from ios sdk?


ya, cocos2d-x will implement GestureRecognizer class by using C++,such like UIGestureRecognizer ?


After reading apple’s document, I find it a bit hard to implement it in cocos2d-x framework. For 3 reasons:

  1. UIGestureRecognizer is not only a class, but also inherited by

  2. UIGestureRecognizer goes too deep with apple’s UI framework, which means we had to write many other classes.

  3. If I would like to recognize the gestures in games, I will catch the points and recognize the trace in ccTouchesMoved. After all, different games have different gestures in requirement. The gesture in InfinityBlade is obviously different from gestures in FruitNinja.