[Windows Phone8] [Game] Baccarat

[Windows Phone8] [Game] Baccarat
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I would like to announce a game for Windows Phone 8 Baccarat - http://www.windowsphone.com/en-au/store/app/baccarat/49f547a2-54ba-472e-9fea-45299d270a92

I would like to also raise an issue. I been to the regional Microsoft building and talked to an engineer there but its still driving me nuts…
There is no audio in the app. The store only accepts Release build apps and as soon as I do a release build audio stops working. All audio works perfectly all the time in Debug builds, and I have delved into the code and I can’t figure out anything that gets it to work in Release builds or stop working in Debug builds that would be expected from a Release build. I’ve debugged and debugged the cocos dension library looking for ifdef _DEBUGs etc, played around with every project build setting I could get my hands on. I am stuck and its in the app store/market place/whatever without sound…

How do I raise an issue…?
Could someone who worked on the Windows Phone port please contact me.
If desired someone could put my Baccarat app into the list of Windows Phone 8 apps.



aren’t the tables all green in casinos?
if change the background to simulate a real casino table and add some bunny girls, it’ll feel more real.