Windows phone TTF Labels


Hi everyone!

Did anyone faced with problem of CCLabelTTF with empty spaces in the end of the string in cocos2d-x WP8 version. In my case it causes crahes! If label consits only of empty spaces it raise an exception to! Of caurse i could remove all the spaces in labels but i`m poring a pretty big project and i don`t want myself to be involved in such troubles. If someone solved this issue, please help me:)


I haven’t encountered this problem I’m afraid (I haven’t really started my WP8 port yet). Where does it crash? Could you provide any more information?



Hm, now I can`t say anything concrete. But it defenetly crushes when I`m using label with empty charecter in the end of a string or just empty stirng like that CCLabelTTF::labelWithString(" ", …) . I think it causes crash when it is just created, i suppose it happens during generating of a texture.