Windows phone 8 leaderboard

Windows phone 8 leaderboard
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Anybody has done leaderboard for windows phone 8 cocos2dx 2.2.2. Anyhelp wil be appreciated. thankq


Just bumping. I’m still searching for the same and more :slight_smile: (Crossplatform Leaderboard Service). Tried Shephertz App42 Services, but it won’t work with Windows Phone 8 and some Android Versions as they are using C++ 11.


And why exactly is C++11 stopping you?

What about using the C++ API of the Google Play Games Services?


I read somewhere that the GPGS only runs on android and iOS. But I’m not sure.
Are you really managed to make it work for WP?


There wasn’t an option in the developer console for platforms like WP8 to choose from, but they added a “other platform” option recently.

WP8 also supports native code and the API is just C++.
But I guess you are referring to this: Set up a platform configuration for your platform (iOS or Android).
It would be no problem to use the API on a WP8 for sending/retrieving the data. The only red herring is attaching the view for WP8. Maybe they add it in the future.

They also released a .NET API especially for WP8:

I did not try it myself, but again, the API is just C++ and the new API google provided is .NET.
There is also a REST version:
You can always use that.

The Android version is implemented in Java, the iOS one in Obj-C and the C++ version in pure C++. The latter will work on any device/platform able to compile C++ code. The “problem” is just the platform configuration, to init the services.

All the APIs are just sending web requests/responses anyway(besides the “fancy” service icon overlays).

Besides all of this, it’s important that you read the fine print, which services are allowed to be used within specific environments. E.g. IAP. On some platforms you have to use the API of the platform owner(Apple, google(but it seems they opened it up), and on others you are free to use third party libs(Amazon).

It’s not always a matter of an API/language, but platform specific rules you have to obey to. That’s the price you have to pay for using the platform owners services for “free”, well, 30-40% of your revenues :wink:


Thank you very much for your detailed answer!!

I did not know that they have the api for the .NET. This allows me to hope that at least no one party will not mind if I’m using Google services in the WP application.

I will definitely try it when I will port the game to the WP. And will tell about the results.