Windows phone 8 browser support

Windows phone 8 browser support
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Is there any plan to support windows phone 8 browser?



There is not schedule about windows phone 8 browsers supporting now.

We are focusing on Chrome on android, safari, UC, Opera and QQ browser currently, wechat webkit widget as well.

It is appreciated that you or someone could help us to test cocos2d-html5 on windows phone 8 browser.


Cocos2D-html5 2.2 almost work right in WP8 IE10.

Problems rely on the use o Canvas (that also have some problems in the IE11). My big issue is with the setColor, that is too damm slow.

I have ported my game to run on Win8, but I needed to put a prev. call for all setColors of my game in order to not lag when in the middle (it does a cache at least). And I wrote a wrapper to be able to get Accelerometer data (not sure why, since it should be equal to chrome/ff into IE Mobile as the documentation says).

I was able to run my game into IE browser, but I am trying to make it work with Cordova (2.7.0) in order to get the Accelerometer working (as I did with Win8), it continuous gives me an error everytime I try to use setColor (strange thing that it was not giving me this error into the 2.1.2v)…