Windows Phone 7


I have Visual Studio 2010 (IDE) installed in my system & am planning to run the test cases on windows phone 7. Can you please assist me in doing that. Waiting for android test cases aswell.



Let’s keep in touch. You can send email to me.
At first, you should view the codes in cocos2dx/platform/win32 . The WP7 port may reference to the win32 port.
But as I know, developers can only use c# to write applications for WP7. c*+ interfaces are for OEM only.
Do you have any idea about run C*+ games on WP7? Or are you planing a C# wrapper?


Hey, I wanted to know about the status of the WP7 wrapper for cocos2d.
Is it in progress?


I contacted with MS guys, and it’s very clear that WP7 will not open c*+ interface to ISV.
In the other words, you can not write any c*+ applications, games, and engines on WP7, no way no how. Only C# dev is allowed.
So, sorry, WP7 isn’t in the plan of cocos2d-x, unless anyone who can give a method to make c++ development on WP7.


thank you for your reply
I hope someone will be able to do it some day!


I just open an idea on Feature Suggestions forum of Microsoft
Please vote the idea and share, maybe this can help.


Hi, Marck, don’t worry about this. We will start this port in Oct. But it need to be totally re-written in C#, both the engine and your games.


`Marck I voted.

`Walzer Please, don’t take me wrong but It seems to me that expending your efforts to port cocos2d-x for C# will delay the development of cocos2d-x.

Moreover, what’s the point in have a C# port? The most wonderful aspect of cocs2d-x is the possibility to write just once in C**.
In the end it will be like using cocos2d-iphone for iOS, cocos2dx-android1 for android and cocos2d-csharp for Windows because I won’t be able to have just on source code for all platforms.
IMHO your efforts are too valuable to dissipate with a port for C#. Microsoft is too far behind competition. They must do something to engage developers. Providing a way to develop in C** would be a good start.





Hi, Marcio, I’m wondering the NDK layer of WP7 too. But they have no plans to open c++ coding layer.
Several people in the community will help us a lot, so it will not affect our roadmap of cocos2d-x. I think it can be a temporary resolution before WP7 supports VC.



me too I will prefer a C++ version for WP7, and mosly because I don’t know C#.

But, if you port cocos2d-x for WP7, will be also possible to make it work for the xBox Live Arcade ?
In this case, it will be nice to make effort on it.

Anyway, I will have a look, my skills are too low to help you, but you already a so great job :wink: Thank and greats at all the team.


In expectation…


I don’t know if you guys are aware of this but Windows 8 will embrace C++ as one of it’s core language. Here is the link


Yes I know. Windows8 on desktop & tablet will allow native c++ running on it, but Microsoft haven’t said if windows8 phone can do it or not.


I know we would all like to write everything in C++ and that is the best way to go forward, but until then for most of us who have cocos2d on the back of our hand, having a c# port would be super awesome!


So guys what is the status of the C# port?


Walzer, actually microsoft did say windows phone 8 will support C++.