[Windows App] LensFlare Photo Editor

[Windows App] LensFlare Photo Editor
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LensFlare for Windows

From the creator of LensFlare Studio for the Mac, comes a new app, LensFlare for Windows 8. LensFlare for Windows is a must have app for any photographer or designer looking for the best in optical effects.

With over 50 effects, you can choose from Hollywood style anamorphic flares, sci-fi effects, sun rays, and more.

• Anamorphic Flares
• Natural Sunlight
• Sci-fi Flares
• Subtle Glints



LensFlare uses the cocos2d-x framework for rendering optical effects, combined with a XAML-based UI. The core of LensFlare is the OpticsEngine which I ported to C++ from Objective-C. This is same engine that powers my iOS and Mac apps. Porting was straight-forward which is a testament to the power of the cocos2d-x framework. I even ported my custom shaders to DirectX for Instagram style filters in LensFlare.

Cocos2d-x is a great framework for optical effects. Each lens flare effect consists of numerous optical elements blended together that react interactively with the light source position. I derive my optical element classes from CCSprite, benefiting from the existing sprite texture caching and transformation features.





very impressive!