win8 KeyBoard

win8 KeyBoard
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oh … I want to know what I should include and coding if I want to call a function when I press a key on the keyboard…with win8 and cocos2d-x

help me … guys ~

Bug in CCMenu

I added keyboard support for the OSX and submitted it to the team as a prototype. Some adaptation of it should appear in the next release (2.0.5). It someone has added windows delegates before then you may be in luck. I only added the Obj-C OSX delegates.


This is how I did it for my Windows 8 game, Noogra Nuts:
On the DirectXRender.cpp Add the following lines:

    window->KeyDown +=  ref new TypedEventHandler(this, &DirectXRender::OnKeyDown);

    window->KeyUp +=  ref new TypedEventHandler(this, &DirectXRender::OnKeyUp);

Than you can passed the data to cocos2d::CCEGLView::sharedOpenGLView().OnKeyDown and hadnle it there.



So I can send the virtual key information to my CCEGLView’s OnKeyDown and OnKeyUp function, but can someone help me with coding something like

For windows 8?