Will JPG cause higher memory usage spike in cocos2d-x?

Will JPG cause higher memory usage spike in cocos2d-x?
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Hello, our project is using some big textures (1024*2048), and they are in JPG formats ( we can use other formats of course, but I still want to know the answer to my question ).

According to this link: http://www.learn-cocos2d.com/2012/11/optimize-memory-usage-bundle-size-cocos2d-app/ , it says:

“Cocos2d-iphone has a problem with JPG textures. There’s been a “temporary fix” (temporary for years) in the JPG texture loading routine that causes the JPG to be converted to PNG on the fly. That means cocos2d-iphone loads JPGs extremely slowly as you can see here and a JPG will use three times as much memory while the image is being loaded."

I checked the code of cocos2d-x, it seems that both png and jpg will in the end be inited by [UIImage imageWithData]. however, I also find a function below:

static bool *initWithFile
CGImageRef CGImage;
UIImage jpg;
bool ret;
// convert jpg to png before loading the texture
NSString *fullPath = ;
jpg = initWithContentsOfFile: fullPath];
png = initWithData:UIImagePNGRepresentation];
CGImage = png.CGImage;
ret =*initWithImage(CGImage, pImageinfo);

[png release];
[jpg release];

return ret;

but this function has never been invoked since cocos2d-x 1.0.1

I tried to do some profiling with instruments, but the weird thing happened:

  1. I can’t observe any spike
  2. After I load four 1024*2048 texture, I thought memory usage should increase 32M, but according to instruments, it only increase about 28M.

So I want to know:

  1. Will jpg cause higher momory usage spike
  2. How to track memory usage precisely?



Hi @cissyhope, have you found an answer to your questions?


sorry, no update yet