will cocos2d-x work with iOS6?

will cocos2d-x work with iOS6?
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Hi guys,

Any of you have tested cocos2d-x on iOS6? Do you know if it will automatically work or we will need some kind of update to the framework, and if so, if it’s planned?




I’ve tested my game with the iOS beta and it worked without any problem.
So I guess it should work fine.


thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


As a side note I can add that I tested my cocos2d-x game under the emulator with a modified retina resolution to the resolution of the rumored 4" iPhone 5. The game ran flawlessly and everything scaled as expected.

( In my game everything is positioned at different fractions of the screen using CCDirector::sharedDirector()->getScreenSize() )


Good news. I haven’t tried cocos2d-x on iOS6 yet. It seems that Apple have token the charge of the compatibility :slight_smile:


Pretty sure you have to fix this on iOS6 now, since this auto-rotation problem was reported by Cocos2d forum members