Why don't non-PNG sprite sheets load?

Why don't non-PNG sprite sheets load?
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I’m trying to use a pvr.ccz sprite sheet using Cocos2d-x 2.1.2. I created it in Zwoptex and saved it in Cocos2d plist format so everything is good on that end. The problem is, when I try to load it the app crashes complaining that it can’t find the png file! png isn’t mentioned anywhere in my code, what gives?

Here is the code:

@ CCSpriteFrameCache::sharedSpriteFrameCache()>addSpriteFramesWithFile;
worldBackSheet = CCSpriteBatchNode::create;

And here is the error that gets printed out:

cocos2d: CCSpriteFrameCache: Trying to use file W1Backgrounds.png as texture Cocos2d: Get data from file(W1Backgrounds.png) failed! Cocos2d: cocos2d: CCSpriteFrameCache: Couldn't load texture

W1Backgrounds.plist clearly states the the texture format is .pvr.ccz as seen in the snippet below from that file:

<dict> <key>name</key> <string>default</string> <key>textureFileName</key> <string>W1Backgrounds.pvr</string> <key>textureFileExtension</key> <string>.pvr.ccz</string> <key>coordinatesFileName</key> <string>W1Backgrounds</string> <key>coordinatesFileExtension</key> <string>.plist</string> <key>premultipliedAlpha</key> <false/> </dict>

Any ideas why this isn’t working?