Why does the 'HelloCpp' for Mac crash when terminate?

Why does the 'HelloCpp' for Mac crash when terminate?
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The ‘HelloCpp’ for Mac crashes when terminate, and I couldn’t figure it out…
OS X 10.8
Xcode 4.5.1(4G1004)
same as http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14072347/exc-bad-access-when-cocos2dx-app-terminate-os-x

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It has been this way for months. I can’t figure out what is wrong; it would be nice if someone fixed it.


Well, this bug has been fixed in the lastest stable version. But I found another bug #1637 when trying to reproduce the crash bug you said,


Is the #1637 a crash bug or are the TTF Labels just in the wrong place?

We got 2 mac apps rejected from app store submission because of a crash in TTF label shader compilation, which we cannot reproduce at least on non retina macs.