Who can help me?

Who can help me?
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I’m sorry for my poor english.
And I’m a cocos2d-x beginner.

I use visual studio 2010(not express) to build my test game.
But when I declare a function in the .h file.
It will be can’t.
Like this:

CCAnimation **AnimationCalc;
VS will give me a error.

Then i find the way to solve the error:
Need to change the declaration:
cocos2d::CCAnimation**AnimationCalc(float unitWeight,float unitHeight,const char *imgName);

But when i debug it.
VS give me another error:

It can’t find lib![](?
So I checked the linked lib.
It has libcocos2d.lib,libGLESv2.lib,libCocosDenshion.lib.

I don’t know the CCAnimation where it is?
I think it is in libcocos2d.lib.
But I can’t run it…

I know it is a Visual Studio environment problem.
Who met it?

thx your help)

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Because all engine classes are in the namespace cocos2d, so you should use the namespace.
I suggest you using cocos2d::CCAinmation instead of using namespace cocos2d in h file.