Which is the best tool to build the scene?


I’ve used CocosBuilder for quite a while and I think it’s a very good tool to build game scene and GUI. The only weakness is that it doesn’t support physics. But unfortunately the project will not continue anymore.

Here comes the SpriteBuilder. It’s elegant and supporting physics. But there are two deadly weak points for me:

  • It doesn’t support html 5. And I think they will not support it in the near future according to the answer for my question in the forum.
  • It doesn’t support cocos2d-x. It only support Android through something call Apportable. That means the Android support is not free any more. Because free Apportable version doesn’t support something like social, In App Billing etc. And the price is not cheap.

That basically means the SpriteBuilder is not a suitable tool for me anymore.

The third tool what I’m going to try is CocoStudio. Unfortunately there is no Mac version at all although they claim they’re developing now. But nobody know when they’ll release it.

I’d like to know are there any better tools ? I think lacking of right tools is a big hurdle for Cocos2d-x (or even for Cocos2d-iphone).

By the way, I’ve tried Unity 3d recently. Really like the editor. But I like the flexibility of Cocos2d-x too. So really hope there is a better tool. Or maybe some company will take over the job to enhance CocosBuilder even it’s not free. (Personally I think the reasonable,affordable price for an Indie programmer is about $100).


Any idea?


CocosBuilder is quite nice :slight_smile:


I’m pretty new to all this, but given that there’s a ‘standard’ CCB/CCBI scene format [https://github.com/cocos2d/CocosBuilder/blob/master/Documentation/X4.%20CCBi%20File%20Format.md], which all the editors [CocoBuilder, CocosBuilder, SpriteBuilder] presumably read/output, surely we can use any of the given tools for a job, regardless of language? That’s what I’m hoping anyway; I’m a Mac user too, and looking at using SpriteBuilder for a Cocos2DX gig. SpriteBuilder is aimed at cocos2d-iPhone (not Cocos2DX), but it outputs a CCBI file, which is surely consumable by Cocos2DX, assuming it’s of the correct specification according to the format (if not, then perhaps with some small tweaks it’d work)… The same should be true of cocos2D-HTML5.

Here’s hoping anyway, but the theory is fully sound…