Which cocos2d-x version to use?

Which cocos2d-x version to use?
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HI All.

I’m making a new project, and now with a couple of cocos2d-x versions to choose from, I’m not sure.

Target platform is iOS, with a view to go to Android in the future. I’m thinking of using cocos2d-x 2 rc2 - 2.0.1 but I like to know if it supports the iPad 3rd gen or will I need to edit the code to do this. Also. I know its only openGL2.0 but I don’t mind that for the iOS devices or the Android devices either.

Any suggestions/ comments?



The version cocos2d-2.0-rc0a-x-2.0.1 has been well tested on iOS 4.*~~5.* and Android 2.*~~4.0
So you could use it on your project.