Which API version should i take? (Windows 8)


I want create new game on Windows 8
So….should i develop on cocos2d-x 0.11
Or use cocos2d-x 2.0.1 and waiting 2.0 porting to Windows 8?

Because i want to coding in Xcode.

請問一下 之後2.0會加入Windows 8 Metro嗎
因為我現在不知道要選擇2.0來開發 還是0.11來開發

Windows 8 RT roadmap

I am also looking for using cocos2d-x 2.0 for a Windows Metro App. The 0.11 version works on desktop, but failed on the Metro validation. I found some dependecies for non valid commands in the libraries. Is someone working on this?



Give that a go =D


Hi Phill. Yes, that is what i did. Microsoft has a validation tool, which checks the executable for using not wanted API calls. And cocos2d-x failed here, so i am not allowed to publish in the windows 8 app store.


Thats odd, I did a HTML5/Javascript game using the cocos2d-html5 lib and it passed the validation tool.
I wonder what could be failing it :frowning:



Anyone can help this cocos2d-x version to validation?

Or……cocos2d-x 2.0 will support Win8 Metro?


The culprit in the case of cocos2dx-win8 is libxml2 which uses calls to kernel32.dll that are restricted in metro.

As it doesn’t seem to get developed any further at the moment, the only choices I see at the moment is either patching all features that use xml out or rewrite them using WinRT methods of XML parsing