Where to learn how to write JS binding code?

Where to learn how to write JS binding code?
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For javascript binding,
we have to study how to write code that integrate C*+ with javascript.
but there’s less resource we can learn in cocos2d-x sample.
Can somebody share your experience how to learn writing C*+ call javascript or javascript call C++?


This should be what you’r looking for.


Thanks, Hank Liang,
I know there three articles.
But I mean where I can learn how to use js binding method?

For example

ns = JS_NewObject(cx, NULL, NULL, NULL);

When I need to use JS_NewObject?

JS_SetProperty(cx, obj, "ts",&nsval);

What is JS_SetProperty mean?

and so on…

Although we can use binding-generator to generate JS binding code,
But sometime We need to modify code for our demand,
how can I learn?


simon send me an email euwynopzi.com, i’ll see how i can help. just wrote a bunch of js bindings.


Hope this can help you: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/linux/l-cn-spidermonkey/index.html