Where the logs are going?

Where the logs are going?
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May you help to find the location of the logs? Also when a Lua script is invalid, there is no an error message, so finding the problem is very complicate.


What version of cocos2d-x ?


The latest build


use lua print() print message to Xcode output window.

you can try NEW Lua Framework for cocos2d-x

download: https://github.com/dualface/qeeplay-lua-cocos2d-x


will print “[LUA] TEST” in Xcode output window.


How to find the logs in Windows. Also I don’t see any error message. When a script is invalid it just terminates without any error message or alert.


Unfortunately, I do not use Windows, so I can not help you,


My solution is use cocos2d.CCLuaLog instead of print, it works with vs2008.