Where is install_template.sh ???

Where is install_template.sh ???
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Just downloaded the cocos2d-x v3.0-pre-alpha0. How do I install the Xcode template? I don’t see install_template.sh anymore?


Since version 2.1.4 you don’t use templates. Insted you should use project-creator in tools.


@The Great DC
There is an script named “create-multi-platform-projects.py” in cocos2d-x root.
It can create a new project which has the same folder structure as HelloCpp.


root/create-multi-platform-project.py invokes tools/project_creator/create_project.py :slight_smile:



After view code of both scripts I removed my question, too late I see :slight_smile:


Am still having difficulty installing cocos2dx. I was able to find “create-multi-platform-projects.py” and project-creator in tools. but what should i do with them. I entered root/create-multi-platform-project.py invokes tools/project_creator/create_project.py this in CMD prompt but i got the message
check vc++ environment…

building cocos2d-x library binary, please wait a while…

‘“”’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
( was unexpected at this time.


help with this please… thnx


I just wrote a step by step instruction on my blog. Check it out. Leave comments if you have any question.