where I can find c++ corce files?

where I can find c++ corce files?
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I can run created project, but can not find where are c++ hellowworld files…

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I dont really understand your question, because i’m new too, an just create window app (not android) for learning. But i thinks, helloworld files you’re asking is in folder classes (your_created_game_folder/classes). There are 4 files in the beginning AppDelegate.h/.cpp and HelloWorldScene.h/.cpp, that’s is what you looking for.

If you use Visual studio on win7 just go to proj.win32 folder and open project (your_game_name.sln). After loading project, in solution explorer, expand your_game_name, then classes, you’ll what you need. At this time, i still dont need to do anything with file main.h, but if you’re interested, just expand win32, you’ll see it. Hope this help!

P/s: pls excuse for my bad English


nbtthief - thanks for the reply

I am using cocos2dx 3v beta2 to create android project.
I added folder “Classes” like in this topic - http://www.cocos2d-x.org/forums/6/topics/38031

but when I try to change “HelloWorldScene.cpp” (look attached picture) the changes do not appear on mobile when I run project.

Question - what I need to do to see changes on mobile???


There is not cpp project config for Eclipse. If you want to use Eclipse to develop cpp codes, you should config it.



I created cocos project using cocos project creator (create_project.py).

then I import it like android code and then convert to c/c++ project.

I can run this proj.android on mobile, but I can not find where I can change code - for example - change text “Hello World” to “World Hello”…


I suggest you using other IDE, such as Xcode or VS to develop cpp codes. I am not familiar with Eclipse about cpp developing.