Where are the cpp file in android-Eclipse project?

Where are the cpp file in android-Eclipse project?
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Try to do an android project on windows 8 (64 bit). I followed all the tutorial about how to install cocos2d-x on win 8 but i have a question… where are, in left panel of Eclipse, the cpp file/s?? Which folder should i open to programm in c++??


You have to link your Classes folder to your project.

Select Project -> Right Click -> New -> Folder

Now enter folder name you want to. e.g Classes

Now click on advanced button and select Link to alternate location(Linked Folder)
Now type PARENT-1-PROJECT_LOC/Classes and click finish.


Thank you very much fow your answer Vikas Patidar , but now I’ve got another problem:

I see the “HelloWorld.cpp” and other 3 files ( appdelegates and helloworld header ) , but as soon as i click on them to view their codes , it highlights alot of the code like if they are full of errors.

If i close eclipse and re-open it , it lets me modify it ( I’m just changing “hello world” label to “world hello”) without giving me errors ( the first time ), I run it on my device , but it still shows up “hello world” like if it ignores midifications… I really dont get what is the problem here… Please help ^^


Yo need to add Includes to Project properties :
Select Project -> Right Click -> C/C++ General -> Path and Symbol

You can refer given below attached screenshot.


I think I already have them included…

I’ll post 2 screens , one of the “path and symbol”s and one of the errors…

Thanks alot that you are trying to help me Vikas


Have you resolved this problem?