when will jsb for pluginx release?


We are waiting for the jsb for pluginx release.
Just wonder if we can make jsb by ourselvz


I join the question


James, any news about PluginX release date?


Plugin-X will be updated in every new release of cocos2d-x.
We decide to release the new version in 19.11.2013.


So if I understand you correctly.
19.11.2013 is the great day for Cocos2d-x-JSB developers when they get a lot of powerful tools?


Is it ready?


I can’t see info about plugin-x for jsb in Cocos2d-x 2nd coordinated release news…


It is in cocos2d-x/plugin folder.
Yep, we didn’t pop up the changelog of plugin-x since we didn’t add features for it.


Ok, so is anywhere tutorial how to use plugin-x with JSB?



have the same request


@norristong Since we have merged JSB into new Cocos2d-JS, we will provide plugin-x in beta version.


@pandamicro thanks, let me have a try