when is cocos2dx-win8 going to work for ARM?

when is cocos2dx-win8 going to work for ARM?
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Hi! I am trying to port my WP7 game to Win8Metro and with the ARM-based WindowsRT tablet coming out soon I figured now will be a great time to do it. However cocos2dx won’t build for ARM.
I worked my way through a few project-related issues, but now it’s failing to link. I assume the provided libjpeg.lib, libpng.lib and the like are Intel based (x86?) and won’t link on ARM.
What’s the plan to get this working?


Ping! Anyone? Does nobody care about games on Win8 tablet? :slight_smile:


I was able to compile it for Arm.
I’ve written a post about it.
I didn’t have any way to test it on Arm though…


Hi Oren,

I saw your post and I am glad it worked for you, BUT it describes what needs to be done only in general terms, i.e. no specifics as to where to get the library sources from, how to add them to the project (build settings, etc.) and the likes. I tried finding the sources and building them myself, but eventually gave up after a while. Even if instructions were present, I’d rather spend the time building a game :slight_smile:

So my question is when will Cocos2d-X officially support ARM? If the difficulty in getting information on the subject is any measure, I’d expect it will be a while. In the meantime not only me, but other folks on this forum will surely appreciate if you can share some more details as to how we can get ARM running in the VS2012 simulator. E.g. download location for the library sources (I found quite a few variations of libjpeg for example) and perhaps some sample project files?



Hi George,
Currently I’m compiling the 3rd party libraries within my game project, with some modifications to make it compile on Windows and pass certification.
Once I’ll find the time, I’ll try to split them into different project per each third party library.
I’m also not sure what is the required way of distributing them, as their license may require to distribute them as compiled binaries.