What's the problem?

What's the problem?
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I’m a newbie in Cocos2d-html5 and i don’t have any idea on fixing this problem.

Why is that after i click start button i only got a black screen. It wont show any graphics like background and etc.

Sorry for the bad english.

i have this code in my PlayScene.js

var PlayScene = cc.Scene.extend({
onEnter:function () {
//add three layer in the right order
this.addChild(new BackgroundLayer());
this.addChild(new AnimationLayer());
this.addChild(new StatusLayer());


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Are you getting any error on you Chrome consola? do you have defined those 3 layers?


Hi, @bryandalo

We got no magic and can’t guess your implementation in those files.
It will be easier for others to help if you can provide some online test page or implementation code.