what's problem... T_T

what's problem... T_T
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I need solution for this problem T_T

(win 32 cording -> android) conversion

this simulation is android.

flip display T_T


scshot.png (75.4 KB)


I am sorry. What is the problem?




I think he is saying that he chooses Landscape but the device shows portrait?

I’m having a similar problem deploying to the Kindle Fire.

I believe this has been discussed before in the forums, something about orientation problems. I’m here to look now :slight_smile:


reverse the resolution
eg. 480x800 instead of 800x480

then use CCDirector/JNI in case of troubles


Does the document meet your need [[About device orientation]]?


oh! thank you
I solved this problem!

solution )
480x800 instead of 800x480

thank you