What's exactly enableRetinaDisplay() function in Director class?

What's exactly enableRetinaDisplay() function in Director class?
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I look up in the cocos2d-html5 source code and see that enableRetinaDisplay() function of Director class will set a new value to global content scale factor via setContentScaleFactor(). But my curious is that I have followed the approach in scaling all the game content to fit the current screen resolution (via HTML5HelloWorld example) and it uses the same function to make it works that is enableRetinaDisplay().

So if I want to make the game’s compatible with iPhone retina or iPad retina. Do I need to enable it with this function again ? even doing so will override the scale value at the end as I saw in the source code.
Please give me clarification on how things involve between “retina” and “enableRetinaDisplay()”.

Thanks guys !


The retina supporting is not finished in Cocos2d-html5.

We will support iPhone, iPad and Mac retina in next version.

Intel guys also plan to contribute codes on this feature.


Is retina still not supported on cocos2d hmtl5?



The retina display has been supported in the latest develop branch, it will be available in the next stable release.
Detailed changes can be found here: https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-html5/pull/1477/files
Note that we support automatically retina display on only apple devices now, but later I will add a function to activate/desactivate retina feature. So you will be able to control it.