What kind of IDE do you use for Android dev on Win32

What kind of IDE do you use for Android dev on Win32
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the Headline says it all :wink: - I’m searching for an IDE / Editor in which I have autocomplete,…
What editors / IDEs do you guys use?



I’ve only started Cocos2x but have set up my project for main dev work in VS2010 Express so that I can quickly test in win32.
I’ve also set up an Eclipse project that points to the same C++ code for building out the apk for release.

That’s the plan anyway, we’ll see how it unfolds.


Thanks for your reply!
Do you have autocomplete (code completion) in any of these?


Certainly does, VS2010 Express is excellent for C*+ dev although I’m not sure how well it copes with C**11 syntax yet, been out of the C*+ loop for a few years so haven’t played about with the new standard yet.


Ok thanks, I’m pretty familiar with regular C++ Programming in Visual Studio but total new to Cocos2D-X.

Do you also compile with Visual Studio or do you use the build scripts shipped with Cocos2D-X. I have seen that Marmelade uses VS2010 to compile…
And to push this a step further - is it possible to use VS to debug the Android Apps (I’m thinking about the option “Attach to process” or do you use gdb to debug)?

I know, a lot of questions but I haven’t found anything about this topic. :wink:


I have it set up to build in both VS and Eclipse.

Build in VS for day to day development and testing as a win32 application.
Build in Eclipse every so often to test with my SGS2 and whatever emulator setups I have.

Hopefully there shouldn’t be too much debugging required in android as the Java code is just boiler plate and generated by the create-android-project script. All the game logic should be in C++ which can be more easily debugged in VS.

I found this article really helpful for getting the project set up. http://www.raywenderlich.com/11283/cocos2d-x-for-ios-and-android-getting-started
It talks about being able to debug in Eclipse but I ignored that section in favour of VS. One of the reasons I am not doing my dev in Eclipse is because there is no autocomplete functionality.

Please note that I am only getting started with Cocos2dx myself and am no authority on the subject, this is just the path I’ve taken. If you have any issues getting the hybrid win32/android working then I’ll try to help.


Thanks for your answer!
I set up VisualStudio with Cocos2D-x and autocomplete works perfectly fine.

For now I’m satisfied with this solution but I’m looking forward to read other suggestions. It would be really nice to have autocomplete in Eclipse or VIM for Android development… :wink:

I will have a look at the link you provided, when I have my first little game finished :wink:

BTW, how do you handle touch input programming - you can’t use it for win32 projects, or am I wrong?


Mouse-clicks represent touches, unsure about multi-touch though. I did read somewhere that you can use function keys to represent back button/menu/home presses but I cannot find the source.


autocomplete for eclipse…

just include the cocos2dx folder on your paths and symbols.


This is the question I was looking for.

I use Mac and Eclipse for Mac (Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2, Eclipse 4.2.1, Cocos2d-x 2.1.1)

I’m not be able to use intellisente or autocomplete code.

I include this folder in C/C*+ General > Paths and Symbols> Includes -> GNU*+ Language:


But doesn’t work.

Do I miss something??

Thanks for answer


C/C++ General > Paths and Symbols> Source Location > Link Folder>

**check ’link folder in the file system
**browse the directory listed below



WOOOooowww thanks.

It works.
I added link folder and I saw cocos2d folder in project explorer.
Now intellisense works.

only one strange things.
I clean up my project, rebuild, but intellisense doesn’t work immediately.
I have to save each .h file (add empty space and save) to make it work.

Have you ever noticed that?



you dont need to do the *saving .h thingy…
just wait the eclipse to compile all the cocos2dx classes.