what is nviewid in CCTouch?


still new and still trying to understand, I stumbled upon:
CCPoint locationInView(int nViewId) {CC_UNUSED_PARAM(nViewId); return m_point; }
CCPoint previousLocationInView(int nViewId) {CC_UNUSED_PARAM(nViewId); return m_prevPoint; }
in CCTouch.h
What is this concept of View? why with CC_UNUSED_PARAMETER?
there is also
CCPoint m_prevPoint; does this mean we have some sort of previous point of the touch?

Is this concept of view related to CCDrawingPrimives?
By look at CCDrawingprimitive.h and .cpp I could not figure out on which object those points are drawn?


As far as I know viewId is a Cocoa window system specific parameter that is not relevant in case of cocos2d-x but was inherited from the original cocos2d which is built on Cocoa API.
Actually, as you said, it is ignored by locationInView, and I don’t think it is anyhow related to CCDrawingPrimitives.


thanks :slight_smile: to my other question it was replied in the other thread


Daniel Rakos is right.