What happened to LazyLayer?

What happened to LazyLayer?
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I hadn’t updated my library since 2.1.1 and am just getting to 2.1.5 now.

All is pretty good (nice to see that some fixes have been incorporated and my differences are now less … yay!) but LazyLayer has disappeared. When did this happen and why (i.e. is the Layer code now so efficient it is irrelevant)?

I had been counting on the LazyLayer for some performance boosts on the mobile webview I am using for my product (and I was saving the planet as per the original LazyLayer docs :slight_smile: ).

Was it removed due to lack of usage? I can always bring back the code for myself but I’d like to know why it disappeared. My search skills seemed to be insufficient to find the answer :frowning:



Hi Alan,

I’m sorry to remove the LazyLayer from our framework.
It was removed because it can’t improve the performance as expected and it also broken alpha blending.

Multiple canvases are superimposing together in different refresh rate, but browser’s compositor is still consider the canvas which is not updated, and still computing both of them.

Best regards