Weird behavior in CCLayer (2.0.1)

Weird behavior in CCLayer (2.0.1)
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We have several classes that overrides CCLayer. In those classes, we have defined the following events

virtual bool ccTouchBegan(cocos2d::CCTouch *pTouch, cocos2d::CCEvent *pEvent);
virtual void ccTouchMoved(cocos2d::CCTouch *pTouch, cocos2d::CCEvent *pEvent);
virtual void ccTouchEnded(cocos2d::CCTouch *pTouch, cocos2d::CCEvent *pEvent);

It works fine in 2.0.
After we upgrade our system from 2.0 to cocos2d-rc2-x-2.0.1, it is found that the event is not fired sometimes.
Say we touch the screen 1st time,2nd time,3rd, 4th,…
1st fires the event
2nd does not
3rd fires the event
4th does not

This does not happen in 2.0. Please let us know whether there is a problem in latest release. Thank you for help.


Thank you for your feed back.
We will checkout it out.


Hi, I have tested this issue, but I could not reproduce it.
Could you provide more informations about how to reproduce this issue?