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I was looking over Zynga’s fork - . (Commit # 07d4854518cd62b61a0413fb0cf3e5ba995a867a) and I found a significant number of application security vulnerabilities. Instead of proclaiming to the world where they exist, what is the best manner to speak in confidentiality with the Cocos2dx engineering team?


That would be a good addition to the framework.
You might want to fix them directly and make a pull request, as the official developers don’t seem to read this often…

Hope this post gets more attention (the forum doesn’t receive enough replies).


send me email - jwa at totally evil dot com - it will get to the correct people. Ricardo and Walzer do read the list, but this forum gets over 70 posts per day. It’s not easy to keep up with all of them.


Normally I read the forum in evenings and weekend. I’m glad that I haven’t missed this thread.
Xavier, please send a mail to