Volume of Music ( and effects) on Android


Hello to all,
until the previous version of cocos, I could change the sound volume using the hardware buttons on Android. With the new version, I found that the volume buttons do not respond. How can I change the sound volume with those buttons? thanks

Volume Buttons Ignored after Chartboost Ad Served : Android

I did further testing and saw that the problem is not the version of cocos but Chartboost.
If I remove chartboost the volume buttons work great, but if I use chartboost, as soon as I press to turn off the advertising, the buttons no longer work. Do you have any advice?

Thank you


I have the same issue, have you solved it ?


Hey guys,
I’m having the same problem. Any ideas how to solve this?


Hi HighTouch, yiyayiyayo, Sheado!

I’m sorry for the difficulties, but thanks for working so hard to integrate Chartboost into your games!

I actually was contacted by another Cocos 2dx developer who had this exact same issue. They were actually able to find a solution on their own that so far seems to have worked in fixing this issue!

What seems to be occurring is that the Cocos 2dx game doesn’t seem to regain focus after showing an interstitial. Their idea was to implement a Chartboost delegate method that would let their game reacquire focus every time the ad gets dismissed, which ends up looking something like this:

public void didCloseInterstitial( String location )
  // reacquire focus since the interstitials are taking it away
  if( mGLSurfaceView != null )
    runOnUiThread( new Runnable()
      public void run()

(You can read more about Chartboost Android delegate methods here: https://help.chartboost.com/documentation/android/delegation)

Would you guys be willing to try that out in your cases, and then report back if that fixed the issue for you?

And as always, we encourage everyone using our products to contact us at support @chartboost.com with any bugs, difficulties, or questions they have so that we can do what we can to try and help you out!


P.S. Just in case I wasn’t clear before, I work at Chartboost!