Visual Studio... Do I absolutely need eclipse to make games for Android?

Visual Studio... Do I absolutely need eclipse to make games for Android?
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Do I need eclipse to make android games? Or Can i just deploy from visual studio?

I made a game in visual studio (win32), and would now like to export it to the android.

I do not quite understand how to do this.

Can someone post a tutorial. Im using visual studio 2010 and do not have eclipse.


Hi, Marc.

As I’ve told you in this post you can’t deploy your game from Visual Studio directly to other platforms. You will need to create an Android project to generate the binaries to this platform.

Of course you don’t need to use Eclipse in order to deploy your game for Android. You just need Android NDK, Android SDK, Java JDK, ant tool and a good understand on how to integrate these tools in order to both generate Android apk file and to sign it.

But believe me: it’s easier to use Eclipse.




Thanks again for a quick reply. Sorry for asking the same question twice. I guesse I’m having a hard time figuring out how to port the game to android.

I did the SimpleGame tutorial in Visual Studio 2010. I now want to port it to android.

  1. I’ve installed eclipse and all the needed sdk’s and ndk’s, e.t.c…
  2. Ive created a new android project in eclipse.
  3. I’ve put my image files and sound files in the assets folder

4) Now where do I put my .cpp and .h files so that my game is ported to Android?



There is no tips for easy go.

You will need to carefully read the tutorial that is in the wiki (I posted the link in the other post I’ve answered to you).

Moreover, see how HelloWorld sample is structured. It’s a multi-platform program.




Hello. Thanks again for the help.

The tutorial you posted is “How to Create a New cocos2d-x project on multi-platforms”.

I do not want to create a new project. I already finished creating the game. It’s in win32.

Now I want to port it to Android.

But it looks like Android is only in Java? Or can I use my c++ game and transfer it over to Android?

Is there a tutorial that shows how to port a finished win32 game to Android? Without having to reporgram everything in Java.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. if so, how can i do it?



Sorry, now we lack of some tools to do it.
I think you should refer


Thanks for the reply Minggo Zhang.

You mentioned that “we lack the tools to do it.”
does this mean that it can’t be done?

or can it be done?

If so, will there be a tutorial that shows how to do this?


Sorry, there is not a tutorial to do it.
I think it can be done, but may take times to do it.


I need to program cocos2d-x games that will run on iphone and android for an employer.

If I make the game in win32 (so I can use visual studio and PC), Will I have a hard time later to release the game to the two devices? (iphone, android)

I want to know before we start making the games. If I find out, after the game is finished, that the game can only be exported to Iphone and not android, I will be in alot of trouble.

I guesse my question from the start was:
A) I will have to reprogramme the whole game in Java to release it for android
B) I can tweek then convert my c++ project to release it for android.

So is it A, or is it B.

I just want to know what I am getting into. And any suggestions would be apreciated.

Thanks, Marc.



If you want to use Visual Studio and C++ to develop iPhone, Android and Win32, then you might want to take a look at , it supports these platforms and more.

The good thing is that cocos2d-x supports marmalade also and gives you a single development environement for all the platforms. It is not free, about $149 per year for the basic license, but developing in a single environment for multiple platforms makes it worth it to me.



You can share Classes and Resources in these platforms.
You can refer tests and HelloWorld.