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Do you have any plans to adding any vibrate-related functions to engine?

How to invoke vibrate device api

It’s interesting. I’m considering about this.
But before we wrap this feature in engine, you can invoke the api from sdk directly.


Yep :slight_smile:

Do not want to create more topic for another feature-request:
I think that it would be helpful to have something like OnClose() callback in Application with option to cancel event, since on android platform good practice for games ask user confirmation for quit if user pressed Back button(sometime occasionally).


Yeah, vibrations (with different vibration lengths and “hardness” settings) would be fun to have. +1 for that.


I think you’ll like the keyBackClicked and keyMenuClicked methods inside the CCKeyPadDelegate class :slight_smile:

Available to CCLayer as well.

Haven’t tried yet, but the comment from the header says it should work on both Android and WoPhone.


keyBackClicked is available on wophone now, but no android.
Well, I create issues for these 2 cases,
#443 for CCKeypadDelegate on android,
#444 for vibration implementation.


Sended pull request for #443 implementation :slight_smile:


Thank you for your work. I have tested it. It works ok.


I have merged it into master.


Yay for Marat and his awesomeness!