Version 3.0 Beta 2 with Tile Map

Version 3.0 Beta 2 with Tile Map
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On the current version 3.0 Beta 2
Using TMXTiledMap fully populated with 20x20 map size added to an isometric tile 128x64, got this performance:

Testing Cocos2d-x v2.2.2:
3 FPS - iOS Simulator
35 FPS - Motorola RAZR D3
11 FPS - Motorola XOOM

Cocos2d-x 2 v3.0Beta
6 FPS - iOS Simulator
25 FPS - Motorola RAZR D3
8 FPS - Motorola XOOM

Coming from the old version to the new, I converted all Deprecations, the app compiles without a problem.

For this map, only has 2 layers, one with the floor, about 400 tiles, walls in another layer, about 40 tiles wall.

I did not activate the schedule repositioning tiles.

Could anyone tell if this is right? I expected an improvement in performance.

Blame the google translator for translation mistakes.



Sorry if it is dumb question, but :slight_smile:

I am started learning cocos2dx and have problem with tile map in beta2
Is it possible to get object from Objects Layer now?

TMXTiledMap *map = TMXTiledMap::create("level1.tmx");
this->addChild(map, 0);
TMXObjectGroup *objectGroup = map->getObjectGroup("ObjectLayer1");
ValueMap spawnPoint = objectGroup->getObject("SpawnPoint");

Actually objectGroup is ok, but spawnPoint is not created

Any thoughts ?


I’m doing this way and it works:

TMXTiledMap * _TiledMap = TMXTiledMap::create("TileMaps/Base_256x64.tmx");
TMXLayer * Layer_Objetos = _TiledMap->getLayer("Objetos");
TMXObjectGroup * Grupo_Aliases = _TiledMap->getObjectGroup("Aliases");

auto Objeto_Player = Grupo_Aliases->getObject("Player");
Point TilePos = Reis_Utilidades::Util()->Posicao_para_Tile(Objeto_Player["x"].asInt(), Objeto_Player["y"].asInt(), _TiledMap);
_Player = Layer_Objetos->getTileAt(TilePos);

Posicao_para_Tile() It is a function that transforms position in coordinate.


Works, thank you.


That definitely doesn’t sound like good news for 3.0 performance.

Are you running both builds with optimization?


I could not tell you if there optimization, but the source code used in the first was used in the second.


Hi JonathanReis,

how about with the latest cocos2dx 3.0?

What you refer when you say “I did not activate the schedule repositioning tiles”… I want to do this on my project since 6 months ago :slight_smile:


I am using isometric tiles, even in version 2.2.3, but in the sample, there is a basic example of repositioning.
In file TileMapTest.cpp, look at: TMXIsoVertexZ::TMXIsoVertexZ()
And the TMX file you need to set the cc_vertex in each layer.
Look at the example in the resources folder.

This is my game using so I told you, take a look:


Thanks for your reply.
Wow! Your game looks pretty nice! I would like to know cocos as you know :slight_smile:

I have now the example working in my own project. But tamara sprite don’t hide between the trees… :frowning:

This is my code:

 CCTMXTiledMap *TileMap = CCTMXTiledMap::create("TileMap.tmx");
 addChild(TileMap, 0);
 CCSize s = TileMap->getContentSize();
 TileMap->setPosition( ccp(-s.width/2,0) );
 CCTMXLayer* layer = TileMap->layerNamed("Trees");
 _player = layer->tileAt( ccp(29,29) );
 CCActionInterval* move = CCMoveBy::create(10, ccpMult( ccp(300,250), 1/CC_CONTENT_SCALE_FACTOR() ) );
 CCActionInterval* back = move->reverse();  CCSequence* seq = CCSequence::create(move, back,NULL);
 _player->runAction( CCRepeatForever::create(seq) );  
 schedule( schedule_selector(HelloWorld::repositionSprite));

Do you know what I must do?

Obrigado for replying!